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Been at the gym recently, and under funny circumstances, began to talk to this trainer. Second time round, which was today, it was sorted out what day I’d start a program. Originally I was dead scared to get a personal trainer, mostly because I only want myself to see failure, not letting anyone else know that I gave up. But I suppose that is the whole point, to have someone standing over you, shouting/pushing/motivating you to go harder. In the end, maybe I really need that. 

Pretty much this summer I’m going to suck it up and take it all in! Whatever situation it may be. If there is any point I want to do something, it is going to be done. 

Luna park on the night they close at 11pm, rides in the dark lol

shit… okay i totally forgot what I was supposed to write.
But on the other hand, got myself a master debit card - yay to pay pass and online shopping woot woot!!!!!

I really did feel like I have my life together getting two bankaccounts …. LOOOOL  

So I have a problem……. That’s definitely what I’m sure of now, and yet not exactly fit enough to go into detail. So this is basically my reminder that I need to write about it later. Ciao


x1 black platform kicks
x1 beige or nudge oxfords
x1 dress from work 
x1 exchange green shorts for black ones and bigger size 

Tonight was good. Made me more that this was the right decision, and yet also slightly sad it can’t happen again…. But hey that’s my need for the idea of someone, and not M himself. So I’m pretty happy, great concert, nothing awkward, and a defined friendship.

Of course I’m going to feel something when we see each other, but I know it’s not in the right way. I’m going to have faith in the future… That things will happen when I’m busy living, that I will actually meet the right one eventually.

And you know what, it has a tendency to always be true